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Why Roll-On Wax Cartridges are a Great Option

  • Roll-ons eliminate any problem related to cross-contamination. This type of contamination can arise in wax pots where previously used spatulas are re-dipped after being used – this is called double-dipping and it’s an unhygienic practice that no wax salon should ever fall into. Roll-ons contain the perfect amount of wax for one or several treatments and they can be used on a single client without the risk of contamination since the remaining wax in the cartridge never touches the skin or is exposed to the outside. No risk of external agents like airborne bacteria, dust or hair getting into the roller.
  • Roll-ons are heated evenly when a suitable warmer is used, which allows the whole application process to be done without delays.
  • Roll-on waxing is suitable for both large areas such as the legs and arms and small areas such as the face. Even the bikini line can be waxed with a roller.
  • The wax is left at a warm temperature that won’t cause too much discomfort on the skin.
  • The wax in the rollers is water-soluble, so there is no sticky residue. Still, it’s recommended to use a post-depilatory lotion for perfect cleanup.
  • Professionals can save up lots of time by using rollers! It takes less time to prepare a roll-on system than it does to prepare soft or hard wax in a pot because there are fewer steps involved. Using the pot and the wax warmer implies preparing the amount of wax and then cleaning up after the wax is melted, but you don’t need that with rollers, which are pre-filled. Just stick them in the cartridge warmer applicator, wait the necessary time and you’re good to go.
  • Roll-on wax cartridges are easily replaced or refillable.

There are few issues that can come up with wax rollers, like the heads not being replaced and causing risk of contamination, the cartridge getting too hot to hold or the client not tolerating the wax well. For all these problems, there are simple solutions that can make roll-on waxing as convenient as ever.


*This product can be purchased at UNI Cosmetics stores.