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Spring 2017 makeup trends – 3 runway makeup looks for spring!

It’s that point in winter when you’re desperately craving (1) warmer weather and (2) new makeup inspo to shake up your usual routine. But short of escaping to the Caribbean for the next two months, this trio of runway-inspired looks created by makeup artist Michael Anthony might help.


For when you want to give good face, but don’t want to spend 20 minutes on eyeliner alone.

1. Line and smudge. Using a slanted eyeliner brush, apply black eye shadow in short strokes from the middle of your top lash line to the outer corner, ending in a short flick. This gives your eyes drama without all the effort of lining your entire lash line. Now smudge the shadow along your lower lash line, starting from the middle of your lash line and ending at the outer corner. Then trace over the shadow along your top lash line with a liquid liner like Maybelline Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner. To avoid a wobbly line, “Rest your hand on your cheek so that you’re just using your thumb and pointer finger,” Anthony says.

2. Work your wand. Once you’ve nailed the liner, create even more of an eye-opening effect with a thickening mascara like Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Volume Express Mascara. Then hold the mascara wand vertically and apply two coats to your top lashes. To avoid smudges underneath your eyes, wipe off excess mascara from the wand before applying.

3. Don’t neglect your brows. “It’s important to groom your eyebrows so that you look polished. It completes the look,” says Anthony. Start by plucking any obvious strays and brushing your arches upward. Then sweep on a neutral blush and lip to put the focus on your eyes.

Wearing two competing colors is all about strategic placement.

1. Pick your palette. Choose two contrasting colors to work with like peach and purple, or go for a monochromatic look with two shades from the same color family. Use a brush to apply the shadows onto your eyelid side-by-side so they’re split evenly. Then smudge the shade that’s on the outer corner of your eye along your lower lash line to tie the look together. Here, the peach went underneath because “softer, warmer colors work better under the eye,” Anthony notes.

2. Draw the line. Working close to the base of your lashes, define your eyes with an inky liquid liner, like Maybelline Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner. Flick it out just a little bit — about the length of your lashes at the inner corner of your eyes — instead of doing a full-blown extended line. “A regular cat-eye is like Barbie, and kitten liner is like Skipper: It’s younger and more playful,” Anthony says. “And a smaller flick works well with colorful shadow because it’s not as severe.” A makeup statement that’s both sexy and wearable? Here for it.

3. Lash out. Shamelessly full lashes set off bright lids beautifully, so finish with a few coats of volumizing mascara like Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Volume Express Mascara. Finally, balance out your look with a nude blush and lipstick.

A little shimmer lights up your look in a big way.

1. Prep your eyes. To create a smooth canvas and give shimmery eye shadow something to hold on to, prime your lids with a concealer. Then give your eyes some depth by blending a neutral, matte eye shadow into the crease.

2. Get your sparkle on. Now, here comes the fun part: Take a small shadow brush and press shimmery powder all over your lids and into the inner corners of your eyes for a bright, espresso-shot-awake effect. Accentuate the shape of your eyes by applying a liquid liner like Maybelline Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner to the outer half of your upper and lower lash lines.

3. The big finish. Lush lashes create a sexy backdrop for your shimmer. Apply a coat of Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Volume Express Mascara from the base of your lashes all the way out to the tips. If you’re craving more drama, apply another coat. Then, proceed to twinkle, twinkle like the babe you are.