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The suitable period for laser hair removal

“It is not recommended to use laser hair removal during the summer, because the skin is more exposed to the sun and thus increases the tendency to have more pigment than recommended and this can have serious consequences for the skin” – confirms Christian Karavolas, founder of Romeo and Juliette Spa and Laser Center in NYC. “Because the skin becomes more sensitive, from sun exposure it can also lead to hyperpigmentation. “People with sensitive skin, but also those who treat the skin with various medications during the summer, absolutely should not use laser hair removal during the hot months.”

He adds that the ideal time for laser hair removal is in the winter months, because the skin is in its tones and without pigment.

OK, what do we do if a friend’s wedding is approaching or is there any other reason we should definitely wax? “If you choose this method at all costs, make sure you do not get pigment on the skin for at least three weeks before hair removal,” advises Karavolas.

In general, the armpit and bikini area are the safest areas to treat during the warmer months, as their contact with the sun is almost non-existent, and it is not advisable to laser treat facial and leg hair during the summer after are the areas most exposed to the sun, says Karavolas.


Source: demokracia.com