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The singer’s new make-up line looks flawless

The singer’s new make-up line looks flawless.

Excitement about Rihanna’s new cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, is rife. And with the Sept. 8 launch date fast approaching, new details about the brand are gradually being revealed. The latest rumor involves the Fenty Beauty foundation, which apparently comes in 40 different shades:

And according to a Rihanna fan account, the singer allegedly confirmed the rumor that there are 40 different foundation shades:

The official Instagram account for Fenty Beauty provided a hint about foundation shades:

And some sneak peaks hint at a selection of shades:

Plus, it’s apparently 100% cruelty free. With mere days to go before the line launches, it’s clear that Fenty Beauty will cater for everyone.


Source: marieclaire.com