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The hottest trend of the season – Au Naturel nails!

I’ll be honest, I learned about buffed nails early on in life. My mother wasn’t the biggest fan of nail polish, so she used to buff her nails instead. After watching her, I of course needed to try. It is a simple process and after you’ll be left feeling how soft and admiring how shiny your nails look sans polish. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about the process.

You can pick up a buffer from any drugstore or even on Amazon, it looks like a fancy nail file.

Start off by deciding the length, shape and contour you would like your nails. Trim and then file them to your desired shape.

Once your nail shape is where you want it, you’ll simply rotate the buffer (from large grit to small) through each of the four sides and work in a buffing motion along your nail bed.

*Pro tip: Be sure not to over buff or else it can cause your nail to become thin and weak.

Once your nail is shiny and smooth, simply apply some cuticle oil et voila! You’re ready to rock the hottest trend of the season – Au Naturel nails!

Stay tuned for even more celebrity nail inspiration and take a peek at these inspiring nail styles!


Source: nailstyle.com