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Steps that give your feet a vibrant look

Giving your toe nails a pedicure without going to a professional salon will save you time and money. A home pedicure will not take much of your time if you follow these easy steps that give your feet a vibrant look.

1- Prepare a basin filled with sufficient amount of warm water, enough to soak your feet. Pour in the basin desired amount of foot soak, bath salts, or Epsom salts.

2- Wet a cotton ball with nail polish remover or acetone. Use it to remove old polishes from your toe nails.

3- C lip and file nails. Length and shape of the nails depend on one’s preference.

4- Soak your feet in the basin filled with warm water for at least 10 minutes. You can  soak them  much longer if you wish to.

5- Buff both feet with a small brush. The process will not only remove dead skin but will soften your feet as well.

6- Apply foot scrub cream to your feet to further soften and exfoliate your heels and rough spots.

7- Take off your feet from the basin. Then, towel dry them. When done, massage your feet with a foot massage lotion.

8- Push your cuticle back along the nails with an orange-wood stick. After soaking your feet the cuticles are already supple.

9- To strengthen the nails and avoid breakages,  apply a base coat. See to it that ridges and uneven surfaces of your nails are properly covered

10- Apply your chosen nail polish color. Let the first coat dry up before doing a second nail polish application.

11- Apply a top coat.


Source: foot.com