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How to use makeup to hide chubby cheeks!

If you’ve always wanted the solution to making your face look longer and concealing your chubby cheeks, we have answers for you. After all, there’s nothing that makeup can’t solve! The makeup tips below will help you in making your cheeks look smaller.

Don’t forget to contour

Remember that since you have chubby cheeks, the contour needs to be more vertical than horizontal so the contour helps you elongate the face. Opt for bronze or silver toned blushes that will give you high cheekbones.

Don’t choose a bright blush

When you have chubby cheeks, anything too bright will only accentuate your chubby cheeks. You want to choose a subtle shade that doesn’t show too much on your skin yet lends a flushed look. We suggest going with a bronzy blush that won’t be too overpowering on your cheeks.

Arch your brows

The shape of your brows is crucial when it comes to taking attention away from your chubby cheeks. High arched brows will make your face look slimmer and hence, conceal your chubby cheeks.

Make your eyes look bigger

Make sure you move the focus to the eyes. Make them look bigger by going for a winged eye. If you’re going for a night look, go for smokey eyes but make sure you use a mascara that opens up your eyes.

Make sure you blend

Blending is the key to making your cheeks look smaller. Unblended blush or contouring will only make your cheeks look chubbier. So make sure you invest in a sponges and makeup brushes to ensure that the job is done perfectly.