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Trendet më të mira të ngjyrës së flokëve për vitin 2018!
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Try these simple tricks to make a huge difference in your makeup look!

If you want to try something new without adding an extra 15 to 20 minutes to your routine, try these easy, one-minute hacks.

Use nude eyeliner on the lower waterline to make eyes look bigger.

This hack is for girls who are always puyat! A skin tone hue will bring out the whites of your eyes and make them look more open. Lavender pencils cancel out the redness of sleep-deprived peepers, too!

Applying black eyeliner close to the upper lashline can make the lashes appear thicker.

Notice that awkward white space between your lashes? Fill in the gaps with a black or brown eyeliner to make your lashes look dark and voluminous. Make sure your liner is waterproof to avoid smudging.

Use lip liner after lipstick.

To avoid having a weird ring around your lips when your lipstick fades, apply lip liner on top of your lipstick. This way, you’ll get to define and contour your lips and prevent the color from bleeding quickly. Use one in a shade that matches your preferred lippie for a perfect pout.

Cover up dark circles by applying concealer in an inverted triangle.

Not only will the shape be able to conceal a bigger area, but it will lift, brighten, and draw attention to your eyes.

Apply highlighter before foundation.

Try this for a soft, IG-worthy glow. Another option is to mix it with your base makeup for an all-around radiance!

Set makeup with a finishing spray to make it look ~fresh~.

Quality setting sprays won’t change the color of your foundation because they’re transparent. Plus, they can lock in your makeup without ever getting cakey. Ed’s note: For Manila’s humid weather, opt for an oil-controlling version to avoid looking greasy.