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Practice these tips and your nails will be back to their naturally…

Although a trip to the nail salon is relaxing, your dedication to that biweekly gel manicure or acrylic filling can lead to brittle nails. It’s time to stop the cycle. Here are four ways to get healthy nails.

Go shorter! A major snip can remove any broken bits from your nail bed. Once your nails are reshaped, don’t rush back to that gel or acrylic habit. Instead, stick to a simple lacquer routine for at least a month.

Stay moisturized! The acetone in your nail polish remover is dehydrating and can lead to even more damage. Nourish your pretty palms with the addition of cuticle oil and hand lotion to your daily beauty routine.

Eat right! Select nutrient rich foods high in biotin and omega-3s help to strengthen your nails from within. Opt for specific vitamins or foods like walnuts, avocados, eggs or sweet potatoes for an extra dose of those key nutrients.

Be patient! It takes time for nails to regain their strength. Your damaged nail needs to grow out completely before it can be replaced with a healthy nail.

Practice these tips and your nails will be back to their naturally beautiful state in no time.


Source: southernliving.com