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Pedicure art as one of the ways to express yourself

Pedicure design is truly a mini-masterpiece!

Pedicure art is one of the most popular ways on Instagram to express yourself, but that really requires enthusiasm to create creative designs. Of course, the art of toenails isn’t as noticeable as hand nails, especially on cold days when we have them covered with warm socks, but it’s still worth it when you take off your shoes at the end of the day and relax.

Colorful lines

An incredibly fun way to keep all your favorite colors at the same time! Use a glossy coat to accurately accentuate each shade.

Geometric angles

It is very interesting the idea of ​​focusing on two types of nails using the art of geometric angles – it is especially very elegant and makes you look unique. You can create straight lines with the help of a ribbon and the result will be very good.

Shiny leaves

You can use nail polish with different colors and then add some details in the shape of leaves, emphasizing it with glittering color or full of shine.

Shark attack

These interesting and even funny details are really fun for any special occasion. You can really create art by giving the shape of a shark with the right shades.

Design with white and blue hue

You can try different designs with abstract shapes focusing mainly on white and blue shades. It is truly an art that requires dedication focusing on minimal details.

Stone nail decor

How stylish such a design looks! In addition to neon colors, you can add any triangle by decorating it and filling it with glittering stones.

Stamps with various details

The nail decoration of the toes can be further accentuated with delicate prints from various geometric, floral or abstract shapes.

Pineapple shape

This fun design in the shape of a pineapple is an easy way to create it but it gives a very good effect, especially if you combine it with suitable shades.

Unicorn design

The most amazing element of the pedicure – in addition to ribbons and glitter stars, you can also add the perfect image of the unicorn created with great precision and detail detail.

Nails with lots of detail

Why use a single detail when you can add variety by creating different designs on each nail in particular. It’s a high creativity when you see 5 fingers with different designs.

Elaborate and ombre shapes

The white and blue ombre pedicure is quite interesting, but it is the elaborate design on the big toe that makes your foot even more pronounced.

French pedicure with ornaments

The French pedicure with ornaments makes your look even more elegant and feminine by adding some jewelry or glittering stone around the second toe.


Source: stayglam.com