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LED Lamp for photography and video

If you like selfies, photography, live video, if you are worrying about the shadows when taking picture and video.

Please stop and look at it, this selfie ring light will solve your troubles, one light for all your needs, and bring you a perfect photo experience!

The high brightness environment makes it easier for you to take impeccable photos or videos,
The circle light brings you dimmable illumination without dark shadows, makes your face and eyes brighter and brighter as the circle light get closer, and let your face look more three-dimensional, make you more charming and engaging.

Light mode: white/nautral/warm light, has ten levels of brightness, to meet all your needs in different situations.

Scope of application: makeup lamp, live broadcast, mobile phone tripod, outdoor shooting, making videos etc.


*This product can be found at UNI Cosmetics stores.