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The one conditioner you should stop using, according to dermatologists!

A quality hair conditioner seals your cuticles, prevent split ends and static, and makes hair look healthier, shinier, and smoother. But you can’t just slap the word “conditioner” on a bottle and be done with it. If your conditioner contains any of these ingredients, you could be relying on a product that does more damage than good for your hair. This is the one conditioner you should stop using.

Think of silicone in conditioner the way you would a shiny coat of paint on an old car. It will make your hair look glossier, but it won’t actually improve or nourish your hair. It could, in fact, sap it of hydration and dry out your strands completely, which leads to split ends and breakage. Another no-no when it comes to conditioners (or any hair product): parabens. Parabens are used in products to prevent bacteria growth. Unfortunately, there’s a chance they could be harmful to your health. Some studies have shown a possible link between parabens and breast cancer because, when absorbed, parabens mimic the activity of the estrogen hormone.

Look for conditioners that are free of both parabens and silicone.

You may think the more protein you can get in your hair, the stronger it will make it. And, to a certain degree, this is true: conditioners with protein are good for your strands. But you can have too much of a good thing. Protein conditioners that aren’t balanced by moisturizing ingredients can make your hair hard and brittle. If you are using a protein hair treatment like ApHogee Intensive Two-Minute Keratin Reconstructor, make sure you are only applying it on occasion and that you use a quality daily conditioner with hydrating ingredients.