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This is the most expensive nail polish in the whole world

How much do you spend on your manis? Probably around £15, right? Or £25 if you’re feeling fancy and wanna splurge on gel polish – worst case scenario you put acrylics on, shellac on top and have to cut yourself off from Starbucks for the rest of the month. So imagine getting a manicure worth £2000 per nail, or amping up your #shelfie game with a nail polish worth 185 THOUSAND POUNDS?! The rich & famous have it SO good…Los Angeles-based luxury jewellery couturier Azature Pogosian, has launched a nail polish bound to make your jaw drop.

Why so expensive you ask? Well, the lacquer contains 267 carats of, you guessed it – black diamonds. It also has a special method of application, only done by a select group of celebrity manicurists.If you’re not willing to spend a quarter of a million dollars on the bottle, you could always get just the manicure, which is ‘only’ £22,000, or £2,000 per nail – in case you can only afford to get your thumb done, but still want it done – y’know…