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Keep hair colour fresh for longer with these 7 easy tips!

After what often feels like months of frazzled ends and lacklustre colour, you’ve finally swished your way out of the hairdressers with a brand new do. And whilst it might feel near-on impossible to replicate a bouncy blow-dry at home (no one has eyes at the back of their head), keeping your colour salon fresh has never been easier.

Hair colour tips that will make your dye last longer

Switch your shampoo

Washing your hair too often is one of the main causes of colour fade, as every time you shampoo, a little more pigment swirls away down the plughole. The best solution is to limit the amount of times you wash your hair per week. Instead of going for a full-on shampoo, why not see if you can you get away with a water rinse to refresh day-2-or-3 hair?

Greys: user hair toner

As we age, the cells that create melanin (the pigment that gives our hair colour) stop being produced, which in turn causes our hair to become slowly grey. Because of this lack of pigment, grey hair is more susceptible to picking up colour from elsewhere, and a range of factors from pollution to hard water can cause your shade to develop an unwanted yellow tinge.

Blondes: Banish brassiness with purple pigment

You might not have laid eyes on a colour wheel since your school days, but if you cast your mind back to your childhood art classes, you might just remember that yellow sits on the opposite side to purple. And it’s for this reason that a purple pigment works to well to neutralise pesky brassy tones in blonde tresses.

Reds: Add colour with every wash

One beauty myth that we unfortunately can’t debunk, red hair really does fade faster than every other colour. It’s all down to the molecule size, and as the red colour molecule is larger than other shades, it doesn’t penetrate as deeply into the hair strand – meaning it’s more likely to wash out when you shampoo. The best way to keep your colour fresh and vibrant for longer is to use a colour-depositing shampoo and conditioner, adding extra pigment to replace what’s been lost.