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I tried the MAC foundation that *everyone* is talking about and it definitely…

Fix up, look dewy (or matte, or fresh, or full).


MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid Foundation has been a firm fixture in many of our makeup bags at some point or another. It’s a bonafide classic and when used alone, provides full, matte coverage in no less than 64 shades. Pretty impressive. But now, the makeup marvels at MAC have determined four different formulas, combining Studio Fix with different product, to deliver entirely different finishes. This is revolutionary for someone like me, who still wants full coverage but also pines for a dewy, ‘lit-from-within’ finish.

Long lasting, 24 hours. We put the MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 for final testing to see how long it lasts and, not surprisingly, the formula has 24-hour durability! This modern base combines matte finish as well as medium to full build coverage with a wide spectrum of SPF 15 protection (Sun Protection Factor).

Applies, builds and coats easily and evenly while controlling shine.

Comfortable as well as extremely durable, it helps to minimize the appearance of pores as well as other imperfections on the face, giving the skin softness and a good-looking appearance.

  • Key claims and benefits
  • Long lasting, 24 hours
  • It reduces the appearance of pores
  • It controls oil and shine
  • It does not dry out
  • For all skin types, especially oily skin
  • Brings consistent and true color
  • It does not create streaks
  • It does not harden
  • It’s sleek to take photos

Always apply on well-hydrated skin with a 132 Duo Fibro Foundation brush, for a flawless complexion! First, apply the product to the center of the face (or where you want more coverage), then use the brush to crush the outer surfaces of your face. Help: Try mixing Studio Fix Fluid with your favorite moisturizer or oil to create a more luminous finish.


This product can be purchased at UNI Cosmetics, at a price of €32,49.