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How to get healthy nails super fast

We have many bad habits induced by nerves: twirling our tresses while talking to our crush, snacking on junk food until we receive text from said crush, and of course, Netflix.

Luckily, those, like most bad habits, are rather easy to keep hidden. Well, except one. And that one is waved in front of our faces with every email we type, every iced coffee we pick up, and Tinderfella we swipe. What is it? Our childlike fingers caused by our incessant need to bite, peel and pick at our nails.

But like every bad habit, it needs to be kicked. Getting your nails in tiptop, grownup shape deserves to be high up on your priority list.

Intrigued? Good! Now use that foul-looking digit to click through the slideshow for five ways to mend your short, awkward nails and help prevent any future damage.