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How COVID Changed Our Relationship With Makeup

2020 has flipped most of our lives upside down. Instead of commuting and working from an office Monday-Friday, we’ve constructed makeshift desks at home. (Hello, from my dining table.) Instead of getting dressed in our finest, we’ve been living in nothing but loungewear. And, it should come as no surprise that most of us have switched up our makeup and skincare routines, too.

When I asked my fellow beauty editors about their pre-COVID makeup routine, their responses ranged from the whole nine yards to super minimal. While Kathryn F.’s daily makeup routine consisted of primer, foundation, blush, highlighter and lipstick, Christina F. stuck to Farmacy’s Green Screen for SPF protection, a little bit of Benefit Cosmetics’ Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer, a sweep of blush on the cheeks and maybe some highlighter—only if she was feeling ~extra~ fancy.

Suddenly, we found ourselves in lockdown with video calls becoming the peak of social interaction. While most of us are sticking to a minimal routine, every ounce of makeup we’re applying these days is purely out of personal motivation.

Kathryn F. and Christina F. use makeup as their time to play and create looks as a creative outlet—even if it’s just for selfies. Des A., on the other hand, still gets excited to try new lip balms/glosses and false eyelashes that make her feel more confident. Victoria V. finds makeup to be a therapeutic art form, especially in these chaotic times.

Self-care looks different for everyone. Do whatever makes you feel good. Whether you’re keeping your makeup routine consistent or focusing on skincare like me, enjoy it. Get creative with your makeup as a form of self-expression, or enjoy the extra time/peace of mind that comes with not wearing makeup every day. Regardless, now’s the time to re-evaluate your relationship with makeup, and embrace the things that truly bring you joy and confidence.


Source: beautylish.com