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Hailey Bieber’s Makeup-Free Selfie Has an Important Message

Hailey Bieber is one of those people I look at and wonder how she’s even real. I mean how can one person get so lucky with the gene pool lottery.

Recently I’ve been on a mission to be more Hailey Bieber, adopting her 4-step skincare routine, embracing my roots and even taking note of Justin’s acne-clearing routine (which of course, Hailey created).

While I’d say all these things have enhanced my life, I am no more closer to becoming Hailey Bieber than am I to becoming financially independent.

God bless my overdraft.

If you needed further proof that Hailey is a goddess amongst us mere mortals, may I present you with her latest Instagram selfie.

Wearing not a stitch of makeup, Hailey’s skin looks like a slab of rose quartz. Even, glowing, fresh and with the ability to make me fall deeper in love with her.

That’s before I’ve even got to her impeccably groomed bun and eyebrows, I mean why don’t I look like this on my no-makeup days?

But, as much as I’m obsessed with her face, I also am obsessed with the important message behind said selfie.

Wearing a face mask emblazoned with the word ‘vote’, Hailey implored her 29.3 millions followers to vote in the upcoming American elections.

You know the ones where we could finally remove Donald Trump and his weave from the the now orange-stained White House.

“Hi! Today is National Voter Registration Day! This years election to me is the most important of my lifetime, and I hope you feel the same,” Hailey wrote.

” So PLEASE register, or check your registration and make a plan to VOTE! To register to vote click the link in my bio.”

Great skin and great morals, we love to see it.


Source: cosmopolitan.com