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Guide to Matte Lipsticks

Plump and glossy lips may be sexy, but it isn’t as sophisticated and classy as matte lips. Most women nowadays look for a duller yet bolder finish that only matte lipsticks can provide. Unlike glossy or sheeny lipsticks, matte’s flat pigment makes it the second longest-wearing lip color (second to lip stain), which means less mess on cups, clothes and other people’s faces. Plus, it doesn’t budge and all you need is one swipe on your lip to achieve a “look.”

There’s just one big catch about matte lipsticks though: their powdery finish can give a chalky, uncomfortable texture that can dry the lips and highlight the imperfections and flaking. Even mild dryness can be highlighted by matte lip color. To fix that, cosmetic companies continue to introduce new formulas to capture matte-lipstick lovers while keeping their lips soft and moisturized. But even with new and improved formulas, most matte lipsticks still remain unsatisfactory in terms of moisture. However, there are ways to work around this.

Through this guide, we will help you learn how to apply matte lipstick like a pro and to choose the best matte lipstick out there for you.

How to Prepare Lips for Matte Lipsticks

If you have dry and flaky lips, you may feel like long-wear matte lipsticks will not be good for you. But there’s a way to fix that: you only need to do two steps so you can rock that matte lip.


The first thing to do so you can wear a stunning matte lipstick is to eliminate all that flaky dead skin in your lips. Long-lasting matte lipsticks are gorgeous but tend to be drying. Exfoliate your lips in the morning or before you go to bed to keep it looking attractive.

You can buy a lip scrub or make your own lip scrub by mixing sugar and oil. Wet your lips and lightly massage the lip scrub unto your lips, while you work in tiny circles. Wipe off the scrub using a clean cloth or cleansing sponge, rinse it well. Then, swipe your cloth or sponge again to remove any remaining scrub or skin particles.

If you don’t want to buy a scrub (or bother making and using it), a toothbrush can work too. After you brush your teeth, lightly brush your toothbrush in your lip in tiny circles then rinse. But if your toothbrush bristles are too harsh, get a soft toothbrush to gently exfoliate. You may also put a little Vaseline on your lips before using a soft toothbrush, and make sure to rinse and dry afterward to avoid leaving a film.


Source: didyouknowfashion.com