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Five tips for a professionally done makeup!

Skin Tone and Concealers

Nothing makes your makeup look professionally done like the choice of the right concealers. Choose the wrong one and you will end up with the raccoon effect.

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Professional makeup artists always contour the face of their clients. Contouring is highlight and shading to make some areas stand out and others areas stand back. Contour to draw attention to the best features or your face like the eyes or cheekbones for example. It might look hard to master contouring, but it  actually becomes very easy after a bit of practice.

Blend Blush in the Right Direction

Experts agree that you should always blend up when applying blush to your cheeks. Blending upwards lifts and brightens the face.

One Color Eye Shadow is too Little

Most of use one color eye shadow when applying makeup at home. Makeup artist always use multiple colors. Lear how to apply and blend multiple color for a professional looking makeup.

The Powder

Finishing powder is what makes makeup last for longer hours and makes it smooth and flawless. Make sure you use small amounts or else risk ruining your whole look.