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A new love story, as told by Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani forays back into fragrance with two new romantic scents.

What does the modern love story look like? Giorgio Armani has reimagined it with two new fragrances; Because It’s You and Stronger With You.

Laura and Paul are in love. Artists – she writes, he draws – theirs is a dialogue of romance, imbued with strength, independence and ingenuity.

Giving life to such characters are young actors Matilda Lutz and James Jagger. A thoughtful and measured move by Armani, the fresh, young talent were chosen in favour of models to depict his new olfactive narrative.

Directed by Fabien Constant, a series of short films set against the pulse of New York City bring to life Armani’s romantic musings for his latest fragrant offering, a his and hers scent under the Emporio Armani masthead.

With such iconic Manhattan-esque vistas as yellow cabs and airy rooftop jaunts, the young lovers frolic and flounce, spirited, passionate and enamoured – and of course, spritzed in whiffs of either fragrance.

A pair of fragrances equal in strength, their personalities bear difference. One aptly feminine, the other distinctly masculine; together they communicate, they challenge, they seduce. Interestingly, two different perfumers – a man and a woman – were chosen to cultivate each scent respectively, further cementing the clear distinction of gender in this olfactory dialogue.

Hers, Because It’s You, is a sunny, joyful accord of ripe raspberry, neroli, rose absolute, warm vanilla and rich musk. Suitably sweet, bold and seductive, much like its personification, Laura.

His, slightly more esoteric, is an unpredictable blend; flickers of cardamom, pink peppercorn, and violet leaves, which unfold into a smoky Vanilla Jungle Essence and sugar-coated chestnuts. Heady, spiced and spirited, he’s Stronger With You (or her).

With a recent shift from dedicated masculine and feminine fragrances, Armani’s explicit foray back into such defined gender codes evince that for him, there will always be a place for his and hers when it comes to perfume.


*This product can be purchased at UNI Cosmetics stores.