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9 Stunning spring lip colors you must try this season!

You endured a long winter of being cold, sad, and snowed in. Those weather conditions called for some moody times, and you probably relied on vampy lip shades like bordeaux and rich reds to pull you through. Now that spring is here, it’s time to brighten things up a bit with color. Switch out those dark shades and dare to wear lighter hues on your lips, like a vivid coral or a pale pink to match all the magic that’s blooming outside. Even if allergy season is getting the best of you right now, you can hide your serious sniffles with a popping lip color. Ahead, find 14 lip shades you need to get your hands on this season.

1.Bright Pink

2. Orange red

3. Eye-Catching Fuschia

4. Blush Pink

5. Pale Mauve

6. Fiery Apricot

7. Blood-red

8. Pastel Pink

9. Raspberry Red