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This is how to figure out your ultimate lipstick shade!

Finding the perfect shade of lipstick can often feel like an impossible task. That is until you figure out your undertone – it’s the secret weapon to always finding the most flattering makeup color for your skin tone. There are three categories; warm, cool, and neutral. If you’re warm toned, you’ll typically suit lipsticks that have reddish, peach, orange or even yellowish undertones. Whereas if you have a cool undertone, lipstick with a blue or purple-y tint will be the most flattering. If you’re neutral you’ll probably look great in almost everything.

We know finding the perfect lipstick with the right undertone can be kinda difficult to find, which is why when created our new Matte Power Bullet, we formulated lipsticks in cool and warm-toned categories to make finding the most bomb shade as easy as possible. Although it doesn’t mean you couldn’t wear both, it just makes it easier to find your ultimate hue! If you’re still struggling to determine your ultimate power shade, take our throwback quiz.

Power-Buller-Quiz-updated (1)

Now you’ve taken the quiz, find your power shade persona. Each shade is named after an occasion the lipstick shade would be perfect for:



Undertone: Cool
You never conform or follow the crowd, and you love to discover new and different things. From beauty to fashion, you’ll run away from stereotypes and trends and always opt for the alternative. You’re edgy AF, and even though you may not vibe with everyone, you’re ok with that. 


Ladies night

Undertone: Warm
The ultimate girl’s girl: you love hanging out with your besties, getting all the tea over a glass of vino or a hot fudge sundae. You’re bold, confident, and you’re always the first on the dance floor with your squad by your side (obvs).


Pool Party

Undertone: Cool
You never need an excuse to party and you’re always dressed for the occasion. Don’t let the name Pool Party fool you, even when you’re hanging poolside, you’re boujee AF with the latest Gucci sunnies and sky-high wedges. You’re the gal at the party that everyone wants to meet.


Graduation day

Undertone: Warm
Valedictorian of your class, you’re the true definition of a ‘Huda Beauty Overachiever.’ You’re a hard-working hustler who’s never afraid of a challenge. You don’t believe in the word ‘no’ and you’re constantly ready to break down boundaries to turn out on top.


Pay day

Undertone: Warm
You may work hard, but you play harder. We’ll find you hustlin’ ‘till Friday but you’ll also be out at the weekend #LivingYourBestLife. You like to splash your cash on yourself and your besties, poppin’ bottles at the latest hot spot in town.


Third date

Undertone: Warm
A master (or should we say Qwueen) of the dating game, you know the rules, and you know exactly how to play it. You’re feminine, flirtatious, and we’ll never catch you without a smile. But as much as you love the dating game, you’re a romantic at heart; searching for love.



Undertone: Cool
The phrase “rules were meant to broken” is your life motto. You’re a wildcard; always searching for crazy adventures, road tripping to new destinations with your pals.



Undertone: Warm
Next level determination – that’s your vibe. You dream of being a mogul one day, running your own empire: a SHE-O in the making. We expect to find you teaming your power lip, with a power suit, ruling the boardroom in five years, max!