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*This* is Kourtney Kardashian’s secret to super strong nails!

Kourtney Kardashian has plenty of tricks up her sleeve when it comes to keeping up her beauty routine. There’s the beets she consumes on the reg to detox, for instance, or the apple cider vinegar she uses to help get that Kardashian glow. Her manicured nails are no exception, and thanks to her site, we now know how the mother of three manages to get such shiny (and healthy!) nails.

You can get her secret weapon at any local drug store: fish oil. Beneficial for its omega-3, fatty acids, and vitamin D, the reality star says the oil not only helps to keep nails durable, but it promotes growth. “Vitamin D balances calcium in your body and helps to reduce breakage,” she shares in a post.

While it’s also available topically, Kardashian, 38, takes the oil via capsule or through her meals for maximum results. “Fish oil capsules or including foods such as wild caught salmon in your diet can be a big help,” she explained.

While brands and pricing will vary, and Kardashian doesn’t specify which brand she prefers, you can score Nature Made Fish Oil Liquid Softgels ($9) at drugstores and online.

In addition to fish oil, the eldest Kardashian sis maintains her robust mani with non-damaging polish. “I like to keep my nails healthy from the inside out, so along with adding fish oil to my regular routine, I use non-toxic nail polishes that don’t damage my nails,” she said.

Luckily, with brands such as Spa Ritual, NARS, and Butter London all making non-toxic options, you don’t have to sacrifice your fab hues for the sake of your nail health. Fab!