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The Coolest Nail Art Ideas For Spring 2018

Nail art is not dead. Thanks to Cardi B and a handful of talented artists backstage at the spring runway shows, nail art is back and better than ever. This time, it’s all about two major trends: three-dimensional embellishment (think rhinestones, rings, and other metallic tchotchkes) and logo nails. But if you’re not quite ready to embrace those two bold trends, we’ve also rounded-up some of our favorite spring nail art ideas from Instagram’s manicure maestros.

1Pretty Prints

Interwoven lines and negative space combine to give a Missoni-like effect to this colorful and graphic design.

2Athleisure Nails

Courtesy of Brand

Backstage at Monse, models had two sporty white stripes painted on every nail except for their thumb. There, a red-and-white M logo was the star.

3Seeing Spots

A mix of small, medium, and large dots give this nail design a much cooler vibe than if it were just uniform polka dots alone.

4Art Deco

Can’t choose between two polish shades? You don’t need to: at Rebecca Minkoff, two purple polishes were layered in an Art Deco-like shape along the middle of the nail.

5Check Mate

Why not wear a picnic blanket on your nails until it’s actually warm enough to lounge outside? In two different but complementary color ways, the look becomes even cooler

6Third Dimension

Black faux nails with big crystal clusters were seen backstage at Phillip Plein’s spring 2018 show.

7Meme Queen

Eating a Tide Pod is irresponsible and dangerous. But painting them on your nails? That’s a meme we can get behind.

8Single Stripe

Nail art doesn’t have to be elaborate to make a statement. Upgrade your everyday nude manicure with a single black stripe drawn across your ringer finger nail, as seen at 3.1 Phillip Lim.

9Overgrown Garden

It’s okay to color outside the lines and nail beds this season. Take a cue from the Rodarte show and continue a floral manicure motif down the length of your fingers. Is it practical? Of course not. But it’s art worthy of the Instagram age.

10Logo Nails

Nail artist Jessica Washick wears her favorite brand from head-to-toe-to-nail. A classic Nike swoosh painted across two nails is a more subtle take than painting a logo across all ten fingers.

11Glitter Goals

At Jeremy Scott, the cuticle art trend got a major glittery update. It’s a fun look to wear on a wild night out—just know that you’ll get glitter on everything and everyone. Make the look more wearable by lining your nail along the cuticle with a glitter polish, instead.

12Light Florals

A feminine manicure that screams spring, this is the type of floral design to ask for when you’ve mentally checked out of winter and want to pretend it’s warm and sunny.

13Heavy Embellishment

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: glue anything to your nails this season and it’s on trend. We love this mix of gold and silver elements created by the Insta-famous Korean salon Nail Unistella.

14Ice Crystals

At Naeem Khan’s spring show, icy metallic blue polish got the 3D treatment with a few rhinestones. Consider it an unconventional bridal manicure.

15’90s Finesse

Ever since we saw Bruno Mars and Cardi B in the “Finesse” music video, we’ve been struck with ’90s color fever. This matte manicure hits all the right nostalgic notes.

16Punk Glitter

At Tom Ford, models walked the runway with glittery copper nails dipped in black paint on the very tips. It’s an edgier and punkier take on the glitter-everything trend.