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Highlighter hacks you need to master now!

Who doesn’t love playing and experimenting with their highlighters? We certainly do! In fact, there’s a lot more that can be done with your highlighter instead of just creating that gleaming sheen on your cheekbones and nose. Scroll down for some insanely gorgeous highlighter hacks that will make you fall in love with the product even more!Illuminate your complexion

 Illuminate your complexion

If you have liquid highlighter, this step is the easiest and the most effective one! Mix a few drops of your highlighter with your BB cream or foundation (use a foundation with sheer coverage) and apply it all over your face for a naturally glowing complexion that isn’t too cakey.

Plump your lips

 Plump your lips

Use a fan brush to apply a wee bit of highlighter on your cupid’s bow—follow it up with an even application of lipstick (preferably matte). This will instantly give you a plump, statement-making pout. Repeat the step if required.Accentuate your contour

 Accentuate your contour

You’re gonna need a very small amount of highlighter for this hack—once you’re done contouring, bake the area underneath the contour using a translucent powder. Then, use a little highlighter over it to accentuate the contour further. This hack ensures the hollows of your contour are deep and visible! This technique is also called reverse contouring. Achieve this using the darker side of Lakmé Absolute Moonlit Highlighter to contour and the lighter side to highlight.Pop your collarbones

 Pop your collarbones

Think that sexy plunging neckline dress of yours couldn’t get any sexier? Just dust some shimmery highlight over your collarbones and watch magic happen. Hands down our most fave highlighter hack ever!Brighten your under eyes

 Brighten your under eyes

This might seem like a strange hack, but is known to work wonderfully. Dust a tiny amount of highlighter under your concealed eyes for a more awake look. Remember to stick to shades that are close to your skin tone to do this.