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14 Easy hairstyles even lazy beginners can copy!

I’m the resident lazy person of my friend group, but if you saw my hair every day, you probably wouldn’t know it. Seriously, by the time I’m finally done snoozing my alarm in the a.m., I have about five or ten minutes before I need to get my ass out the door, which gives me just enough time to put together one of the ~many~ easy, lazy hairstyles I’ve perfected over the years.

Whether I twirl a flat iron through my lob for some quick waves or I opt for a super-sleek braid, my hair looks pretty damn good for how long I actually spend on it (umm, three minutes? Ish). And in the spirit of sharing and caring, I’m helping you get on my level by breaking down 15 incredibly easy hairstyles that you can do within 5 to 10 minutes. Yes, I’m enabling your lazy-AF habits, but, hey, at least you’ll have really, really good hair.

Easy Wet-Look Waves Hairstyle

Easy Half-Up Bun Hairstyle

Easy Ponytail for Short Hair

Easy Blowout (Really)

Easy Twisted Bun Hairstyle

Easy Ponytail Hairstyle

Easy Beachy Waves Hairstyle

Easy Curly-Puff Hairstyle

Easy Heatless Waves Hairstyle

Easy Rope-Braid Hairstyle

Easy ‘90s Flat-Twist Hairstyle

Easy Wavy Lob Hairstyle

Easy Ribbon Hairstyle